As you know by now, Howard Eskin doesn’t even watch Sixers games. He shows up to the pregame press conference, makes sure he gets a question in, walks around the arena talking to fans and employees, and then leaves.

Doc Rivers has taken notice of this and called out “The King” after Friday night’s win:

Keith Pompey with the absolute DAGGER at the end there. #AbsoluteDaggerFlow. If the Sixers lost, Howard would still be there, because we all know the King absolutely hates the Sixers and has had an agenda against the team going back at least a decade now. He thrives in Negadelphia and hates giving credit where it’s due. When the Sixers win, it’s grumble grumble. When they lose, he’s all over it. Maybe he even saw this video clip and is preparing to respond on his heralded 8 a.m. weekend morning show.

As it currently stands, Doc Rivers is Erik Killmonger and Howard is T’Challa.

Is this your king?