There always seems to be at least one viral sports moment each weekend, and here’s the latest:

Is it a punch? A slap? Just a general hand-in-face attack? Only Juwan Howard really knows.

The context here is that Michigan was losing big to Wisconsin, and the Badgers had their backups in. Howard showed a full court press and Wisconsin’s guys had trouble breaking that press, so head coach Greg Gard calls timeout, which apparently is the source of the strife:

Here’s a closer angle that also shows more of the aftermath, and you can hear “don’t fucking touch me” about 700 times in a row:

Anyway, people are calling for a multiple-game suspension here. That’s probably inevitable, right? Even if the Wisconsin coach did something to absolutely deserve the open-handed punch/slap, Howard would probably still be disciplined because you just can’t do it. Especially not as a head coach of a college basketball program tasked with setting an example for the “student athletes.” This wasn’t exactly malice at the palace, but still a bad look.