Sean Payton is reportedly negotiating with Fox Sports to succeed Troy Aikman as Joe Buck’s partner:

According to Michael McCarthy at Front Office Sports, the former Saints coach would replace Troy Aikman:

Fox Sports has started negotiations with Sean Payton about becoming its No. 1 NFL game analyst, sources tell Front Office Sports.

The former New Orleans Saints coach would team with play-by-play announcer Joe Buck if and when Troy Aikman finalizes his exit to either ESPN’s “Monday Night Football” or Amazon’s “Thursday Night Football.”

Sources told FOS that Payton could expect a contract worth $10 million annually.

I know everyone wants to be a pro athlete, but why not just start a YouTube channel and call basketball or football games? Save your body and your brain. $10 million a year. $10 MILLION! Just to go to some production meetings, fly private, and call a game a week?

I understand a lot of these analysts these networks are throwing the bag at are former QBs or coaches, but Jim Nantz is making a cool $10.5 million a year. Joe Buck makes $6 mil and gets to drink in the booth. Homie Spumoni Mike Tirico makes $10 million. To call sports! They don’t have to entertain and the viewers are built in because it doesn’t matter who is calling games, football is king. It’s the greatest job in America. Now when Joe Buck fucks up, will it be all over social media for the entire world to see? Sure, but so what? Fire up your banking app, take a quick peek at your checking account, go home to your hot wife, and remember why you come back every Sunday.

Now will Sean Payton be good? Who knows. Not too many coaches have gone to the booth and been successful. You can argue Gruden, but I feel like we more laughed at him than listened to his analysis. I assume Fox is going to use this as a one year tryout for Payton. If it works it works. If it doesn’t he’s back to coaching or working as a special advisor until the Cowboys job opens up. I personally can’t see Sean Payton being done with coaching, and if that’s the case I don’t see him giving great insight. Tony Romo was great right off the bat when he started because he would call out plays and give insight knowing he was never going to take another snap again. Coaches are notoriously guarded about giving up any information.

All I know is if Sean is going to the booth we gotta tighten those tits up before Greg Focker tries to milk him :

Photo Credit: Andrew Wevers – USA TODAY Sports