Sports Radio Host Thinks Chickens Regrow Their Wings, So We Can Continue to Eat Chicken Wings

screengrab from D.A. Show video

Shaun Morash from the Damon Amendolara Show was under the impression that chickens regrow their wings so that we can enjoy chicken wings throughout the year:

It’s almost too easy to shit on this guy.

Because I do wonder how many people in America think the same way he does. Certain people who probably just consume sports 24/7, 365. They don’t have time for books on zoology. They’re too busy wondering if Russell Wilson still has enough left in the tank for another Super Bowl run. You think dudes who work for FanGraphs know if chickens have large talons? No. They’re calculating Ronald Torreyes’ wRC+. Mraz, from a logic standpoint, makes some sense when you think about it. The National Chicken Council says there are 1.42 BILLION wings consumed just on Super Bowl Sunday alone. If we divide that out over 330 million Amercans that’s four and a quarter wings per person. That’s a lot of chickens. But it’s nothing when you learn that 9 billion chickens are raised to be eaten per year.

If this guy’s an idiot then I’m an idiot. When the one guy brought up that crabs could regrow their claws, I had no idea that was the case. I only know geckos could regenerate their tails because I ripped my pet gecko’s off when it tried to escape one time. Almost scarred me forever until my parents told me they can grow back.

Honestly, this wasn’t even the worst thing involving chickens this weekend. Mike Greenberg eats chicken wings with a fork and knife:

Darren Rovell vs Greeny for all time biggest dork is one of the best matches on this planet. Every time one of them does something so dumb that nobody would believe it. Then here comes the other to one-up them.