The Eagles Could be Playing in Mexico City this Season

via Twitter (James Palmer)

The Arizona Cardinals were awarded Mexico City as part of the NFL’s International Series for this season:

The Eagles are scheduled to be one of the Cardinals’ road opponents this season:

The last time the Eagles played in Mexico was in 1978 for a pre-season game against the New Orleans Saints. It was a disaster, according to Ron Jaworski:

“When we went there, they weren’t prepared,” Ron Jaworski, the Eagles’ starting quarterback that season, says of that preseason matchup 38 years ago. “We played in a bullring, the locker rooms were too small, and the goal posts were crooked.”

The last time a game was scheduled for Mexico City, the Kansas City Chiefs were supposed to take on the LA Rams, but the game was moved to LA because of field conditions. Which ended up being one of the best regular season games in the last decade when the Rams won 54-51. The Eagles had close to a 17% chance of playing the Cardinals in Mexico City in 2020, but the NFL cancelled their International Series due to the pandemic.

Could you imagine a bunch of Eagles fans getting some culture in Mexico City? Hundreds of museums, the entire history of the Aztec people, and all the Spanish you have to know is, “Si, Cerveza.” Just imagine the how cool Fly Eagles Fly would sound in Spanish. Some Eagles fan would definitely get pile drived by a Lucha Libre wrestler after he stumbled his way into the ring. Eagles fans would take over Mexico City like they did London:

Break out the masks Fletch! –

Who knows if Kyler Murray will even be the Cardinals’ QB. His agent just put his resume out on Twitter like the desperate guy who hopes one of his followers has a job lead:

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