We Had Fan Fisticuffs at the Flyers vs. Red Wings Game (Updated)

photo credit to @Charlie_Tuna_29

The Flyers lost 6-3 to the Detroit Red Wings the other night, but the big story on Action News is a donnybrook in the stands involving fans of both teams.

Here’s the video:

Looks like Red Wings guy gets in a few whacks, then a few more whacks as people grab the other guy before he himself is restrained.

Crossing Broad’s younger Kyle, Kyle P, tracked down some information on what happened and procured these first-hand accounts of the melee:

  • From a guy who was right there: “The Red Wings fan was chirping, which is fine. There was a final back and forth where the kid in the Red Wings jersey said to the guy who got bloodied, “I’m gonna fuck your daughter.” Only had a mouth because he was with a bunch of friends, one of which who was wearing a Flyers jersey”
  • from another observer: “older guy was being held, which is why POS (Red Wings fan) got in so many shots”
  • from a third person: “As the video stopped, the guy who got bloodied pushed the Wings fan over the row of seats below him. That’s when security grabbed him.”

It’s a shame we don’t have video of the Red Wings fan toppling over the seats, because that would have been rich. And it sounds like he deserved it, if eyewitness accounts are to be believed. You don’t say “I’m gonna fuck your daughter.” That’s crossing the line, pal.

Anyway, if you were there and saw what happened, email me at [email protected] and I’ll update the story.

EDIT – can’t believe I missed this the first time, but “bring the fight” is scrolling on the video board while fans are clobbering each other

EDIT 2 – here’s the second half of the video:

EDIT 3: this fan got the entirety of the thing from a close up view –