A Teammate Reportedly Got in Carson Wentz’s Face Because He Was Upset With the Eagles’ 2017 Success

Photo Credit: © Robert Scheer/IndyStar / USA TODAY NETWORK

Jeff McLane at the Philly Inquirer wrote a piece cleaning up the leftovers from the NFL Combine and added another interesting anecdote about Carson Wentz as a teammate:

“Sometime before the championship game, Wentz voiced his displeasure with the Eagles’ success to a group of other injured players, sources with direct knowledge of the incident said. One of the players immediately confronted him and the two eventually had to be separated.”

What a bum! A BUM! Carson Wentz is a bum! How many times does Carson Wentz have to show you his true colors before you realize who he truly was? How many more articles about Carson Wentz’s character have to be discredited before you realize he’s a bum? How much longer can you defend him before realizing he’s an absolute, bona fide, surefire Hall of Fame BUM! His own GM stood in front of a hundred reporters and tanked his trade value! Anybody that still defends his status in Philadelphia because of 2017 is a bum along with him!

“But Kyle, without him we don’t win the Super Bowl.”


Breaking News: the Eagles don’t win the Super Bowl if Carson Wentz doesn’t get hurt. Carson Wentz never had the chemical makeup to beat Tom Brady in a Super Bowl. He’s not a leader, he’s not a good teammate, and he’s a self-absorbed baby who never had the thought cross his mind that anything was even little bit of his fault. He turtles when he’s coached hard. He was probably in the fetal position in Chris Ballard’s office their entire meeting. BECAUSE HE’S A BUM!

Who do we think stepped to Carson Wentz? Here at the Crossing Broad sportsbook we’re happy to provide you with odds:

  • Darren Sproles: Even
  • Jordan Hicks: +250
  • Jason Peters: +800
  • Chris Maragos: 12/1
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  • Caleb Sturgis: 50/1

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