Bears Reportedly “Have Explored” Nick Foles Trades

USA Today Sports

Let’s check in on Big Dick Nick:

The answer is no. No third stint with the Eagles. We built the statue and closed that chapter of Philadelphia Eagles history. It’s forever sealed and floats to the top of the Birds annals.

Nick is 3-9 since leaving Philly. He’s 33 years old and played for some stinky Jacksonville and Chicago teams. He was hurt in DUUUUUVAL and lost his job to Gardner Minshew, who is currently the backup here, so Nick isn’t coming back to be a third stringer, playing behind the guy who took his job a few years ago. I’m not sure if he’s interested in going BACK to Jacksonville, but linking up with Doug again and helping out Trevor Lawrence would be cool to see and would make sense for him at this stage of his career.

If Foles does come back to the Eagles, I’ll quit my job with Crossing Broad and go apply for a job at the Aramingo Avenue Wawa, locating cigarettes for the locals.