Ben Simmons’ Shirt is Worth Almost as Much as the Last Stimulus Payment

It’s impossible not to spot Ben Simmons on TV. He’s wearing a black and yellow shirt that makes him look like a Boston Bruin. He looks like basketball Zdeno Chara sitting there at the end of the bench:

Looks goofy. Like Brad Marchand, but more annoying, if that’s even possible.

Twitter user DrewKal83 found the shirt on the Louis Vuitton website, and it costs $1,370:

$1,370 for a shirt. Wasn’t the last stimulus payment $1,400? Jeez. That’s good enough to pay your monthly rent at a decent Old City condo. It could get you half a plane ticket to Australia. It could buy you the iRobot s9 with Braava mop.

Can’t remember who reported it, but someone said Simmons was close to broke, or running out of money, or something like that. But Ben must be doing okay financially if he’s rolling around in $1,400 Vuitton shirts. Add in the pants, shoes, jewelry, etc, and his outfit is worth more than my entire closet. Outrageous!

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