Can the Eagles Fix their Problems by Drafting this QB/RB/LB Prospect Out of Montana State?

screengrab via YouTube

You want to know how you turn the Eagles offseason around, Howie Roseman? Drafting one player and filling three holes at once. That’s what we call ROI folks. Return on investment. Remember the name Troy Andersen out of Montana State when you’re filling out your mock draft this April:

I don’t know why there aren’t more hybrid players in the NFL. Like why do NFL teams waste a roster spot on both a kicker and punter? Wouldn’t you be paid more and more valuable to your team if you could do both, so that coach can carry an extra DB or WR on the 53? Why can’t my center also be my long snapper? Or why can’t my LB also be my RB and QB? Sounds like a lot of money being left on the table.

Now do the stats jump off the page? Absolutely not. This is what we call a pick with high upside:

But a 6’3 LB with 4.4 speed, long arms and a 36 inch vertical? You can’t teach that. When is the last time we saw a LB out of Montana State defend someone in coverage? Anyone? Anyone? –

Exactly. Howie Roseman has to stop worrying about drafting weapons from the Pac 12 and focus his attention on Swiss army knives from the Big Sky. Get the most bang for your buck. Mel Kiper Jr. is even on board, and when has he ever been wrong about a white QB who played in the Midwest?