Deshaun Watson is Reportedly Meeting With Two Teams in the Next 48 Hours

Photo Credit: Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Late Friday, news broke that Deshaun Watson will not be criminally charged in connection with those sexual misconduct allegations. Immediately the trade market started to heat up and now we’re learning the first two teams the QB will reportedly meet with:

Has a QB ever openly met with other teams while still under contract? It’s like Deshaun Watson is test-driving new cars, except they are NFL franchises instead.

I don’t know how I’d feel if Watson played QB for my team. A majority of Eagles fans want Deshaun Watson whether they admit it or not. He’s a clear upgrade over Jalen Hurts and the Eagles would be competing for the NFC East right away. And let’s be honest with ourselves – Eagles fans would be fine with a murderer under center if it meant a Super Bowl title. Is it right? I don’t know. But it is true. This is sports at the end of the day. People separate morality and success in all lines of work. Wall Street, political ideologically, etc. If Deshaun Watson started 6-0, no local station is talking about off the field issues. We didn’t talk about Mike Vick’s during his MVP-like season, and I’m not comparing the two, I just know how the city would handle it. I think most Eagles fans are going to argue he wasn’t charged with a crime and completely disregard the civil suit process that remains active. As far as they’re concerned, Friday was the end of the Deshaun Watson red flag situation.

In the end I’d root for him if he was the Eagles QB like I would for any one under center. Most Saints, Panthers, and fans of 20 other teams would do the same. I’m not going to be shouting his name from the top of the Art Museum steps or look down on anyone who can’t root for him. I’ll do it silently like I think a lot of us would.