The Tampa Bay Buccaneers released a statement on their website, explaining that bringing back the orange creamsicle jerseys they wore in the 70s will be delayed to 2023:

Due to global supply chain challenges, we will have to wait one more year than hoped. This is the earliest that Nike can finish production of the orange uniforms.

The Buccaneers stopped holding Throwback Games in 2013 when the NFL instituted a rule that teams could only fit their players with one set of helmets for an entire season. Since 1997, the Bucs have worn pewter helmets, which would not have worked with the orange and white throwbacks. Last summer, however, the NFL revised that rule to allow teams to fit two sets of helmets, making it possible to have a second color available for throwback uniforms.

Seattle Seahawks team President Chuck Arnold also confirmed that Seattle won’t be wearing their throwbacks until 2023 due to manufacturing issues (via Corbin Smith at SI):

With the helmet rule no longer an issue, what is holding back the franchise from bringing retro uniforms back next season? Arnold says the manufacturer needs more time to design and produce mass quantities that the Seahawks can sell in retail, but that problem could be resolved in time for throwbacks to become a reality in 2023.

Global supply chain issues is going to be the new COVID going forward. “Why don’t you want to go to dinner with us?” Global supply chain issues. “I want a divorce. Why? Global supply chain issues.” I could get anyone acquitted in the court of law using a global supply chain issue defense.

Unfortunately, this now means the Kelly Green jerseys, which would have been eligible to return via the change to the helmet rule, will likely have to be shelved for another year. Just in time for the franchise QB (whoever it may be) to don the greatest jersey concept in Eagles history. Will it be Jalen Hurts? Will it be Russell Wilson? Deshaun Watson? A stud QB coming out of college? Whoever is wearing them if they look like this they’ll fly off the shelves. There are thousands of Jerome Brown, Reggie White, and Randall Cunningham Kelly Green jerseys down at the Linc every game day:

What’s up with Nike having all of these supply chain issues by the way? If I see Oregon with 12 different uniforms next year I’m going to lose it. Phil Knight is leaving billions on the table right now. I know you got Jeff Bezos’ number. Cut a deal and let’s get Amazon mass producing Kelly Green jerseys that a drone can fly to my house and drop down the chimney in 24 hours. If you’ve ordered anything in the last 6 months from Fanatics or you know the shipping times are at AliExpress levels. I heard people who ordered Harden Sixers jerseys aren’t getting them until mid-April. The only Spectrum jersey left on the Fanatics site was Ben Simmons’ at one point. I ordered a Rams Super Bowl shirsey for my brother in law after the NFC championship game and it just delivered Sunday. Is that damn ship still stuck in the Suez Canal?