MLB News:

So Freddie Freeman is gone. Olson, who is just as good, if not better, comes in to play first base and Freeman goes to… maybe the Dodgers. Yankees?

Whatever. At least he won’t be hammering the Phillies any longer. Twelve years with the Braves. Twelve full years!

These are his career splits against the Phils:

  • 194 games
  • .298 average
  • .398 on-base percentage
  • .495 slugging
  • .893 OPS
  • 208 hits
  • 45 extra base hits
  • 30 home runs
  • 120 RBI

Dude was a massive pain in the ass, but I actually went back and looked at his career averages and they are pretty much on par with what he has done against the Phillies. Maybe we just imagine him as a killer since he was a long-tenured divisional guy who always seemed to be at the plate. He played for really good Braves teams that most recently strung together several division titles. Add those things up and maybe it feeds the beast a little bit.

Anyway, just waiting here on the Phils to go out and get a big free agent.