Haason Reddick has an Awesome Story that Eagles Fans Will Love

screengrab from Temple Football twitter

Watch this video that Temple’s OwlTV students did for Haason Reddick right before the 2017 NFL Draft:


What a story.

Everything from walking on at Temple, to the team not even wanting you back until a coaching change took place, putting on 51 pounds in four years, and the sacrifices his mom made just so he could pursue his dreams. The part where his mom took a loan out for his meal plan so he could eat with the team – who’s cutting onions? I hope Mama Reddick is balling out at the Cherry Hill mall with her black Amex right now.

It baffles me that people have this level of mental toughness. I can’t comprehend the fortitude it takes going from a 0 star recruit to a top NFL pass rusher. How dedicated one can be to carve out a dream when all the chips are stacked against you is remarkable. The sacrifices to overcome the challenges of everyday life and focus on a goal at hand. To being drafted across the river from the city you grew up.

What a story: