It’s a Torn Achilles for Justin Moore (Also, Nova is the Only Remaining Team Worth Pulling For)

Scott Wachter-USA TODAY Sports

Villanova is headed to their third Final Four in six years, and Jay Wright is the best local coach… of all time? Maybe. That feels like a column for later this week.

Unfortunately Nova is gonna have to play Kansas without their second best scorer, Justin Moore, whose injury was as bad as we thought it was watching it live:

More from Rothstein:

“Villanova played one game this season without Justin Moore — an 85-74 win over UConn on February 5th in South Philadelphia. Chris Arcidiacono had nine points in 26 minutes off the bench. The Wildcats don’t have what they had, but they still have enough.”

It’s pretty crazy because the Wildcats essentially play a six-man rotation as it is. Caleb Daniels will get about 35 minutes off the bench, then Arcidiacono and Bryan Antoine will get a few minutes each, but that’s it. Jay Wright is the anti-Doc Rivers this season. With Moore out, Arcidiacono is going to have to play more than 20 minutes for only the sixth time this year.

The Final Four this year is Villanova, Kansas, Duke, and North Carolina. I know we argue about the Villanova/Philly school thing, and if you went to a Big Five school you are in no way inclined to cheer for Nova, but I better not catch any of you neutral rats pulling for the other three teams. The Cats are easily the most likeable of the remaining teams, with a classy coach, good kids, and all of that. I’d take an acid bath before pulling for Kansas, Duke, or UNC to win it all.

Go Cats.