James Harden took Tyrese Maxey under his wing in Miami for what I can only hope was the greatest night of the young point guard’s life:

This is definitely what Doc Rivers had in mind when he decided to stay in Miami and let the guys “rest.” I promise you Tyrese Maxey spending a night in Miami with James Harden ordering a $1,000 55 oz. Tomahawk steak that comes in a briefcase will do more for his game than getting eight hours of sleep.

I can’t wait for the piece to come out after the Sixers win the Finals, and Tyrese is asked what the catalyst for the title run was and he points to the time the entire team went out in Miami. Because there’s no doubt they all met up at E11EVEN that night and then went to LIV for a night cap. That plane ride home smelled like tequila and meat farts all the way back to Philly.

If the Sixers had a Hangover-style type of adventure who would be Doug? I think I’m going Tyrese or Furkan Korkmaz. I could see Furk sleeping on the roof of the Clevelander and Tobias Harris and Matisse have to go find him. Matisse and Tobias are definitely the dads in the team. They order the cars, they make the reservations, and they sip on their drinks while discussing Art of War or Tolstoy in the club. No shot Danny Green comes out. Paul Reed definitely somehow finds himself behind every DJ table at every club. Gorgeous Georges is the chameleon. He can blend in if it’s a chill night and than get after it if that’s what everyone wants to do. Shake Milton wasn’t invited, but showed up anyway because he’s friends with Isaiah Joe on Snapchat.

What’s Joel doing? Staring at boobies all night of course. My MVP: