Jason Kelce is a four-time All Pro, a Super Bowl champion, and 5x Pro Bowler, and now you can add anthem singer to his long list of talents:

Now nobody is going to confuse Jason Kelce for the second coming of Rob Halford or Luther Vandross, but I gotta give the man credit because how many football players would go out and even sing the anthem in front of 20,000 people in the first place? None. You wouldn’t see Rodney Hudson doing this at a Suns game. You wouldn’t see Corey Linsley or Frank Ragnow on the mic. Jason Kelce is a Renaissance man and there was a charity component to this:

Not to mention, he did this while wearing the same sweater made famous by The Dude in the seminal 1998 film The Big Lebowski. What a movie. Jeff Bridges should have won multiple Academy Awards for that performance.

There are many great scenes to pick from, if we’re sharing one, but I’ll go with my very favorite. It’s when they run into “The Jesus” in the bowling alley. This is my favorite scene, but it’s just like, my opinion man: