Per him:

This is interesting. Jon has been a Swiss army knife for WIP for a long time now, filling a variety of shifts and roles. He covers for Angelo in the mornings, works night and weekend shifts, and goes down to Citizens Bank Park and The Wells Fargo Center for games. All of that can be very exhausting. You are ALL OVER the place and your wife never knows when you’re coming home. The kids are sitting there like “is dad coming to my softball game?” I would imagine in Jon’s case, and I’m just speculating here, that steady hours and a good salary are preferable to running around like the sports talk radio equivalent of a chicken with its head cut off. Being the flexible utility guy has a shelf life, but like Jon says, he’ll still do some stuff with the WIP morning show, which will have a new host next year, assuming Angelo follows through on his retirement plan.

Big Daddy passed away last year. He worked that overnight shift at WIP for many years, and doubled as a comedian/writer/actor. He was left partially paralyzed with spinal bleeding, rehabbed and got himself into a wheelchair, and was able to get back out in public, but ultimately died in September at the age of 68. WIP has had multiple folks fill that shift since Big Daddy (real name, Ed) first began having health issues, so this marks the first time in a while that a consistent and steady host will be on the 2-6 shift.