March 10th Watch: Sign the Petition for Big Fendi to Ring the Sixers Bell

via bigfenditv/IG

Big Fendi, the Internet’s biggest hater, wants you to sign his petition to ring the bell on March 10th:


This is a no-brainer. If Ben Simmons isn’t going to show up because he hurt his back after not doing anything for nine months, we might as well have some fun.

Big Fendi has to come in the same exact suit and dark glasses. The only problem with Fendi ringing the bell is the Sixers are guaranteed to lose. Every time someone big time rings the bell they lose. Triple H rang the bell they lost to the Hawks in Game 1. James Harden rings the bell in his Gaston suit they lose by almost 50 to the Celtics. Jim Gardner rings it in November after announcing his retirement and they lose to the Timberwolves. Aaron McKie and Allen Iverson were the bell ringers before the Game 5 Atlanta collapse last year. All I’m saying is if Big Fendi rings the bell, you might want to sprinkle some on the Nets moneyline.

P.S. Did you know Big Fendi discovered Nicki Minaj? Just adds to the legend of Big Fendi.