Nick Sirianni is the Panderer General

via Eagles Twitter video

Nick Sirianni speaking Wednesday at the NFL Combine in Indy:

The Eagles coach shows up wearing a Sixers long sleeve, then tells reporters that the basketball hoop prospects are shooting on is emblazoned with the Villanova logo. Next thing you know, he’s going to have them shooting on Flyers-branded hockey nets while gifting them Philadelphia Wings lacrosse sticks (all while they wear Phillies baseball caps). Sirianni is doing all of this while wearing Philadelphia Stars boxer briefs.

Nick is now the panderer general. He would be Obama’s pandering Czar. If not 1A, he’s 1B behind Bryce Harper, who wears the Clearwooder shirt, and has Phanatic cleats, and all of that. Philadelphia is the easiest city to pander to. Harper and Sirianni figured it out in two seconds:

Is there anything wrong with this? That’s the real question.

In the most basic terms, no, there’s nothing inherently wrong with supporting the other teams in town. We appreciate that. But there’s a fine line between authentic and corny, and Sirianni sometimes trends towards the latter. Just be yourself. You’ve been here for one year. You don’t have to even give a shit about the Sixers, Flyers, and Phillies. Just win football games and you’re set for life. Plus, do you think Temple fans give a shit about the Villanova hoop?