Petition to Play the Villanova/Delaware Game Here, Instead of Sheetz Country

via John Clark's twitter

Why would the NCAA make Villanova and UDel play in a town full of Yinzers when they’re separated by 40 miles?  Instead of getting on a plane out to Sheetz country, make a special exception and let them play at Competitive Edge in KOP, sponsored by Hoagiefest, and call it a day. You think Jay Wright and Jameer Nelson Jr. want to deal with the TSA or spend five hours on the Pennsylvania Turnpike when they can just grab a quick pickup game on the black top right outside of Pats & Geno’s?

This is like when Temple had to play Penn State in the 2011 tournament out in Tucson, Arizona. They should’ve met in Hershey like it was a PIAA state championship game. Look at the reaction from Villanova. They hate this draw:

Absolutely can’t stand that they’re probably staying in some rodent infested motel off of I-376. Does Pittsburgh even have electricity yet?

Nova was given a TOUGH draw between Arizona, Houston, Illinois, and an unbelievable F you to Tennessee from the committee. I know Nova fans aren’t worried about the Blue Hens, but people forget Jay Wright hasn’t won a national championship since he stopped wearing a suit:

The stories these two could swap about late nights in Avalon over some pasta fagioli:

via John Clark’s podcast

Kinkead – I drew a straight line between the Nova and Delaware campuses and the exact middle ground appears to be Glen Mills. They should play this thing at Garnet Valley High School. Go Jags!

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