REVEALED: Crossing Broad’s “Philly Sports Talk Radio” 2022 Bracket

Mikey Miss says we stole the “Field of 64” idea from him, so in order to avoid a copyright claim we are doing a field of 32 this year. Heyo!

The topic is Philly sports talk radio. Who will be crowned the outright leader in electric sports talk? Will it be Mike? What about Angelo? Is there a dark horse personality looking to play spoiler? And who is the Sister Jean of Philly sports talk, cheering courtside? It could be Marisa from Tokyo or Eagles Shirley.


At this point I’d like to take a moment to describe the selection process. There wasn’t much to it. We couldn’t fill a bracket of 64 people without adding names of former hosts, so we decided to make it 32 instead. It just would have become too bloated if we were throwing Tom Byrne and Dan Schwartzman on there. We decided to keep it mostly to folks who are on the main day part Monday to Friday time slots, and then the consistent night and weekend people. That’s why the likes of Jolly and Angry Bob aren’t in the bracket, because the Crossing Broad politburo decided to focus on the most current crop of hosts. And we wanted to include the Gambler guys and Mike from 97.3, because they’re part of the local radio ecosystem as well. The seeding was not very scientific, and we bounced some ideas off each other before bringing in a handful of RESPECTED local scribes to make sure we didn’t commit any egregious errors.

Without further ado I present to you this year’s bracket:


What a bracket this is. There are some absolute banger matchups to look forward to.

Mikey Miss and Angelo are the #1 seeds, but if they advance they are gonna be in a dog fight against the Jody Mac/Choonis winner and the Tyrone/Jonesy winner, respectively. And look at Howard Eskin’s draw. He has to dispatch Eliot Shorr-Parks in the first round and would likely face Ray Diddy in the Elite 8. The selection committee might be dopes, according to “The King.”

I think the real question is this – who wins the Jose from Norristown regional? Angelo and Glen are the top seeds, but I could very easily see The Cuz make a run. He very well may put the competition in the bagster.

This year, all voting will be done on Twitter. Last year, we did site voting + Twitter + Instagram and the whole thing was just too damn complicated. Also, Quimby at The Green Legion (shout out Quimby) mobilized his thousands of supporters and just steam rolled everybody else en route to winning it all, so we’re gonna try to limit voting to one platform this year. No hanging chads or recalls or anything like that.

The voting will begin tomorrow, Thursday, so print out your brackets and let’s fuckin’ go. It’s awesome baby!