On Friday in Philadelphia, the St. Peter’s Peacocks play the Purdue Boilermakers in one of the most lopsided Sweet 16 matchups in the history of the tournament.

St. Peter’s, out of Jersey City, is getting 12.5 points. Not only should the Peacocks be overmatched on the court dealing with Jaden Ivey and Zach Edey, but they’re overmatched off the court as well. A former staffer detailed his time there in a thread which included water leaking into offices, cancelled practices because of bouncy houses, and press conferences in yoga studios:

St. Peter’s is the “Little Sisters of the Poor” your dad joked about growing up. I wish I knew how tough St. Peter’s was before I took Kentucky to the Final Four in my bracket. Who knew the Peacocks would be hardened by dirty pipe water and bouncy houses? When you go through the season playing in this arena vs. Kentucky’s Cathedral, of course you’re going to whoop the crap out of some coddled five star recruits:

This is the best thing about the tournament. Where else are you going to find a team constantly on the brink of financial collapse beating up on a blue blood? Or a team led by a guy with a funny mustache who looks like he shouldn’t be within 150 feet of a school:

Or storylines like Shaheen Holloway being associated with the last two NJ teams to make the Sweet Sixteen:

Only March Madness. No better place for St. Peter’s to play than the city of underdogs.