The Anti-James Harden Propaganda Machine is Working Overtime – Next Up: Michelle Beadle

screengrab via twitter

Michelle Beadle come on down! You’re the next podcast host getting in line to bash James Harden for being a bad teammate:

Does Michelle Beadle have amnesia? The “James Harden is a bad teammate” narrative has taken on a life of its own in the last year and a half. He forced his way out of Houston after nine seasons. Anthony Davis did it in seven. Ben Simmons did it in five. LeBron James has left every team worse than when he found it his entire career. Where’s this narrative coming from? And I don’t think any of those players mentioned, besides Ben Simmons, should be criticized for taking their career into their own hands. It’s no different than you getting another job because you hate the situation you’re currently in. Brooklyn was an absolute mess. Vaccine status and injury only allowed Harden, Kyrie Irving, and Kevin Durant to play 16 games together. Harden actually obtained more assets for the Nets by telling them he wanted to be traded at the deadline, rather than being a part of a sign and trade in the offseason:

Would a bad teammate smile like this?

Did Michelle Beadle also forget Harden didn’t force his way out of OKC and it was Sam Presti and the Thunder organization that didn’t want to go over the luxury tax? Because she thought she made a MONSTER of a point after she dropped the Maya Angelou quote.

Now to the “say something nice about Michelle Beadle so people don’t think you’re a misogynist” challenge:

I think she made a good point about acquiring Harden at the honeymoon stage. Winning cures everything and keeps people happy and there will be a lot of that. Unless Danny Green continues to be an asshole:


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