With Ben Simmons coming back to Philadelphia, Anthony Gargano is holding a competition on 975. the Fanatic to find out who is the best boo’er, or has the best insults, in the city of Philadelphia.

Because we are “a town that knows how to bust chops…bust stones…break ballls!”

The Choonis better have his finger hovering over the dump button all week because you know someone’s dad is going to work himself into a sweat and a “fuck” is going to fly out, unprovoked.

Now, the first thing people are going to think about the “Boo Bowl” is that it’s Philly fans being Philly fans. “Did you hear they boo’d Santa?” “One even threw up on a child!” Trash! Mean! Disrespectful! But I’ve always thought to embrace people who think we’re trash. A lot of us are trash. And they already made their mind up about us. There’s no reason to try to convince them otherwise. It’s like when people get upset at college kids for rushing the court after a win when both teams are ranked. Rush the court EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. YOU. CAN. Illinois just did it last night for winning a share of the Big 10 regular season. Wisconsin did it last week as the #10 team in the nation for the same reason. Five years from now you’re not going to care what people thought at the time. You’re in college for four years. You’re going to remember rushing the court with your buddies.

I hope we get some creative chants for the contest, but lets be honest – most of these are guaranteed to be duds and make you want to crawl out of your skin. No one is going to confuse sports radio callers with a Comedy Central roast. I just can’t believe the Nets are allowing Ben Simmons to sit on the sidelines for two hours. At least when you’re playing you can block out the noise. He’s going to hear every insult, every way, and in every direction. Seems like a toxic environment for someone suffering from mental health, if you ask me.

Another thing we have to get out of the way and as a fan base just come to an agreement on is that ESPN, Le Batard, and the national guys are going to make the Friday narrative “Sixers fans never supported Ben Simmons” after we boo him mercilessly. Don’t let it bother you. He deserves the booing. We won the trade. We will be validated just like we were with Carson Wentz. They will all come to our side when they see the real Ben Simmons. The revolution will not be televised.