The Eagles Took Kenny Pickett Out to Dinner Before His Pro Day

Photo Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Eagles wined and dined Kenny Pickett in Pittsburgh Sunday before his pro day:

Only QB coach Brian Johnson was confirmed to be in Pittsburgh eating with Kenny Pickett. So could the Eagles be in on Pickett, or is this just smoke screen season? You’d think if the Eagles really loved Pickett they’d send Howie Roseman or at least Shane Steichen out there.

Remember the dinner with Carson Wentz in North Dakota? Howie Roseman, Jeffrey Lurie, Doug Pederson, and Frank Reich were all there:

That’s the kind of firepower you send when you believe someone can be your franchise guy. This feels like the Eagles begging for someone to trade up in front of them.

What do you think the dinner was like? Kenny definitely got to the restaurant early and told the server to replace every dinner fork with a salad fork so his hands looked ginormous. He probably ordered macaroons and picked them up by wrapping his entire fist around them. Do you think Brian Johnson challenged him to rock, paper, scissors or does that only happen when you get to the final boss level vs. Nick Sirianni?

Quick reaction to all this: I don’t think Kenny Pickett works in Philadelphia. Can’t be QB1 in Philly with a name like Pickett. The jokes and memes are endless. One three-interception game and sports radio is having a field day. We’re lucky Jalen has played at a serviceable enough level with the last name Hurts. I need to know if Kenny has it between the ears to block all that stuff out. But I will give him this, it’s a veteran move to get his hand measured at his pro day. Everyone knows tape measures vary state by state: