According to The Cuz, Nick Castellanos is moving to Moorestown and into Ben Simmons’ $5 million mansion.

Gargano said this on Tuesday’s afternoon show:

We’ve reached out to our super-secret Crossing Broad real estate source, and hope to confirm this Cuz report within the hour.

I would have loved to see Castellanos’ reaction to the “Simmo the Savage” sign at the showing:

Imagine the confused look on his face as the realtor is using acronyms like “C.O.D.” and explaining what Twitch is. I can’t wait ’til his wife turns it into a storage room.

One thing I never understood about this house was the need for two granite islands in the kitchen:


An island is multi-dimensional. You can prep, eat, and wash your dishes on most. Having two islands 36 inches from each other just feels like there are more things to stub your toe on. It’s a hazard, honestly, and I hope the first thing Nick Castellanos does is get rid of it.

You think Ben asks to keep the portable hoop?