Ben Simmons Can’t “Definitely” Say He’s Playing in Game Four

from ESPN Game 1 broadcast

Klutch sports mouthpiece Shams Charania reported earlier that Ben Simmons “plans” to make his season debut in Game 4 of the Nets/Celtics series “as long as rehab remains on course.” Woj reported something similar this afternoon.

Ben, however, told media on Friday he’s day-to-day and can’t 100% say for certain he’s playing Game 4:

The real takeaway from that set of questions is Ben talking about his leg being affected. I’m not a doctor, but I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night and covered the Sixers during the Thoracic Outlet Syndrome era. If Ben’s talking about his leg, then there was some kind of nerve issue resulting from the back injury that extended to his lower body. That’s not uncommon when you have a herniated L4 disc. If this was hockey would we call it an upper body injury or a lower body injury? We’ll leave it up to Canada to decide.

Meantime, Ben MIGHT be swooping in to save the Nets, but he has to see how his body feels. Two more rehab sessions and then we’ll “ramp up” with some Fortnite.

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