Ben Simmons Out For the Rest of the Regular Season, Plus Play-In Tournament

practice video screen grab

New updates to the Ben Simmons situation up in Brooklyn:

The last update we received from Steve Nash was Saturday, when he said Ben Simmons was doing some “light shooting”.  Which could only mean one thing:

Right now the Nets are sitting in 10th place, which is the last seed eligible for the play-in tournament. Kyrie Irving hasn’t looked as good since he’s had to become a full-time player and is forced to play more than twice every 11 days. Look at these splits. It’s like rest is key to performance or something in the NBA:

via Kyrie Irving’s Basketball Reference page

This Nets team isn’t as scary as it was when it came to Wells Fargo Center a month ago. Seth Curry says his ankle won’t heal until he has a month to rest, Joe Harris is out for the season, Blake Griffin might as well be, Patty Mills is struggling, and Goran Dragic is old as dirt. The Nets are going as far as KD takes them and will have to slug it out with Miami, Boston, Milwaukee, or Philly in the first two rounds. The Nets are pretty much fucked.

P.S. In case you missed it over the weekend, Ben Simmons filed a grievance against the Sixers to recoup some of that money he lost while sitting out. This could’ve all been resolved on March 10th if Kyrie wouldn’t have stuck his nose where it didn’t belong: