Ben Simmons Pissed Off The Nets and His Teammates In Just Two Months, A New Personal Record

Photo Credit: Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Shams wrote an article for The Athletic today detailing the “stalled return of Ben Simmons, and what’s next for him and the Nets.” According to sources, it looks like he pissed off the Nets and his teammates in only two months, a personal record.

Per Shams:

Simmons had another workout on Saturday, after which Nash said Simmons had no issues. On Sunday, Simmons informed the team his back was sore. For Nets players, the confusion was not centered around Simmons’ ailment, but with the perceived lack of attempt to play, effort to be in uniform and push his body in these high-stakes playoffs, sources said. Nets players and coaches wanted to see Simmons show resolve and enter this series to start his on-court Brooklyn tenure, even if it was for limited minutes on Monday or none at all while still dressing for the game.

“Nets players and coaches wanted to see Simmons show resolve…” The Nets know who they traded for right? This dude has never found a solution for his lack of offensive game during his career. I guess they didn’t pay much attention to the Hawks series last year, because whenever he’s faced with an ounce of adversity he wilts. He’s yours now. He’s the termite-riddled house you bought and waived the inspection on because the market is nuts and you were desperate.

Also, apparently his brain instantaneously activates back spasms whenever he’s about to step foot on a basketball court, which is not great:

“According to sources, Simmons told those in the room that a mental block exists for him, dating in part to last summer’s postseason, which is creating stress that could serve as a trigger point for his back issues.”

Honestly, how does Ben Simmons come back from this? Who around the league wants to play with a guy whose team was sinking and he had the only life preserver? Joel Embiid is dealing with a torn thumb ligament, Robert Williams came back from torn meniscus surgery in three weeks, John Collins has a plantar fascia tear, and Steph Curry has a sprained ligament and bone bruise in his foot. All are playing significant time in the playoffs. Ben Simmons’ playoff legacy will be the way he revolutionized bench style:

P.S. Have some respect KP:

My mom smokes Newports…