Ben Simmons Returning to Play for the First Time Since June of 2021

Photo Credit: Vincent Carchietta-USA TODAY Sports

Ben Simmons forced into a high-pressure, must-win situation? What could go wrong?

Here’s Shams on The Rich Eisen Show explaining the reason Ben will come back in Game 4 instead of Game 3:

I don’t understand how one more scrimmage separates Ben from suiting up for Game 4 instead of Game 3. Maybe he’s got a three game Louis Vuitton brand deal he has to honor. Look at this asshole during the 1st round:

I’d be lying if I said I didn’t want to see Ben play again. As a basketball fan I want to see how he fits into this lineup and if he can stop Jayson Tatum. As a human with a brain I don’t know how he, Kyrie Irving, and Kevin Durant are going to co-exist with limited time. Rumors are Ben Simmons is going to play the Draymond role. Set screens, defend, guard the best player, facilitate, etc. It wouldn’t surprise me if Ben looks great because he can do what he’s comfortable doing and leave the scoring to the other two. It also won’t surprise me if the Nets fall flat on their face and need to rely on Ben to score more if one of the Big 2 have an off night like KD did Wednesday.

Speaking of buying low, the only person having trouble selling in this market is Ben Simmons with his Ritz Carlton apartment. The listing has decreased by $100k from $3.1 million to now $2.99 million, according to Lisa Dukart at the Philadelphia Business Journal. I feel like this is one of those marketing tricks where stores make something $4.99 instead of $5 because your brain tricks you into thinking its cheaper and you’re getting a deal. A lot of smoke and mirrors… kinda like Ben Simmons.

Also, why does the Boston and Brooklyn series have two days of rest between each of the first three games? It’s the only series that has this type of schedule:

Here’s a list of TD Garden and Barclay’s events during the series:



So the Celtics and Nets are getting an unfair advantage because of a Hiring Fair? Move it. Hiring takes like a month. They’re still going to be unemployed the next day. And you mean to tell me the Wells Fargo Center can change the floor from turf, to ice, to hardwood all in eight hours, but some roadies can’t get Jack White’s stage out of there in a couple hours so they can put some hardwood down? The league did this so Brooklyn could get Ben Simmons back up to snuff. I smell a conspiracy theory.