City of Philadelphia Received “a Few Direct Complaints” About Lack of Mask Wearing at Wells Fargo Center

If you watched the Sixers game on Monday night, you probably noticed in the crowd shots that very few people were wearing masks. That was more or less expected as the City of Philadelphia reinstituted the indoor mask mandate, but nobody inside the Wells Fargo Center actually enforced it.

So Dave Malandra asked the DOH about that:

The thing that’s really dumb is that the mask mandate was hardly being enforced over the winter, before it was initially pulled back and then reinstated. So when the City of Philadelphia flipped back to masks on Monday night, they had to know this wasn’t going to be enforced. They had to. And judging by what played out in Game 2, it would seem that a majority of people are done with mask wearing entirely.

It’s a hard sell. It’s like telling your kid they can’t have fruit snacks for six months, then they can have fruit snacks for a month, and then you turn around to say “sorry you can’t have the fruit snacks anymore.” Even if the fruit snacks rot their teeth and there’s a legit reason for flip flopping, it’s flip flopping nonetheless, and fatigue settles in. There’s a shelf life on this shit.

This is not political so don’t even dare going there. Why? Because regardless of what you think about mask wearing, the mandates are useless if they aren’t enforced. In this case, the result was a very small portion of people complying.