Does this Look Like a Guy who is Nearing his Brooklyn Debut?

from ESPN Game 1 broadcast

The Nets are down 1-0 in their quarterfinal playoff series against the Celtics, but DON’T WORRY, because here comes Ben Simmons, maybe:

It’s comical at this point. What do you think is going through Kyrie Irving’s mind (besides all of that other weird stuff)? He’s probably thinking something along the lines of “is this dude for real?” He hasn’t played basketball in 10 months, somehow injured his back doing God knows what, and now he’s just gonna swoop in here for his Brooklyn debut in Game 3 or Game 4 of a tough playoff series against a really good defensive team, coached by a guy who was a Sixers assistant and knows Ben’s game inside and out?

Ben wants no part of Boston and Ime Udoka. Maybe he already knows this and these “reports” are all fake news. There’s been a lot of that swirling around Ben’s camp over the past year. Fraudulent fake false fictitious phony news.