Look at these Eagles fans moshing with a 6’6, 350 pound defensive tackle. Those are some dudes who’ve been to one or two metal shows at Union Transfer in their day:

Is the one guy in pads technically using performance enhancers? Yea. I bet you the NFL media guy in red wishes he had some because he BOOKED IT out of there:

The more and more videos I watch of Jordan Davis, the more I fall in love with him. He’s just such a lovable fat guy. I don’t care if he sweats when he eats. He’s going to be clogging up the middle of the line for the next decade. Eat up bud. If this Baldy Breakdown doesn’t fire you up you’d better check your pulse:


Taking on triple teams like it’s a snack! Two on me, one is free. Three on me, everyone is free:

P.S. Oops you’re horny now: