6’6 340 pounds of pure HOUSE! This one is going to be fun to debate. This guy was built in a lab and the Eagles could very well have their franchise cornerstones on both sides of the ball in back to back drafts. Conversely you can say he wasn’t a three down DT, only played 25 snaps a game, and actually gained weight during the season as he admitted to GMs he was playing at 350 or 360. Me? I’ll leave it to the experts who I trust more than Butch from Manayunk calling into the radio. Here’s what Zach Berman had to say about Jordan Davis The Wooderboys Podcast this week:

Talk yourself into him. DeVonta Smith answered the questions this season I hope Jordan Davis can too. Two on me one is free:

This was tweeted and then deleted. What the fuck is going on?