Drake is so corny man. Joel Embiid just ripped Toronto’s heart out of its chest and Drake is smitten by the guy who did it:


This is like Benedict fucking Arnold hamming it up with King George. This is what happens when you want to be Spike Lee, but you need every NBA player to like you. Like wtf is this picture? You would think Drake grew up in West Oak Lane:

You’re about to get swept and you’re following him around like a puppy dog. This is who Raptors fans want to represent their fanbase? Have a spine. Could you imagine Spike Lee following Reggie Miller into the tunnel with a ear-to-ear smile after he silenced the Garden in the playoffs? No chance.

Also, show me Drake has zero friends without showing me Drake has zero friends. When’s the last time Drake has been roasted by his friends. Degrassi? For a guy who talks a bunch of shit in his songs he might be the worst trash talker of all time. Get someone who can ghost write that too: