​It Looks Like Wawa is Now Selling Topps Baseball Cards

via @DavidGrzyTV

A pretzel, coffee, $50 on pump 12, pack of Parliaments, and a Shohei Ohtani jersey card. That’s your new order now. Wawa tweeted this earlier today:

We did some digging here at Crossing Broad and it appears that Wawa and Topps are having some sort of a collaboration that will be announced Tuesday. CB team member & sports card enthusiast David Grzybowski did some journalistic digging and went to his local Wawa for the scoop:


We did reach out to Wawa corporate for a response, but we have yet to hear back. Stay tuned for a possible announcement from both Wawa & Topps.

Sports card collecting is at an all-time high right now. Target stopped selling sports cards temporarily last May after someone got beat up in a Wisconsin store. You think the cig line is bad now? Just wait until some kid is trying to buy 10 packs of cards in separate transactions after Wawa puts a limit on them. Pray for the Wawa workers. There’s a smile behind those masks.