Jake Voracek Gave an Interview Crushing Alain Vigneault and His “Big” Ego

Photo Credit: Timothy T. Ludwig-USA TODAY Sports

So Jakub Voracek gave a recent interview and completely shit on the Flyers, the chemistry outside the locker room, and Alain Vigneault. He liked Chuck Fletcher, though. The full interview is here, but it’s in Czech, so fire up the Google translate. Here’s the main blurb about the Flyers converted into English:

Voracek seems like he’s wanted to get this off his chest for quite a while and since Claude Giroux was traded now he seems like he’s more willing to talk about it openly. Plenty around the Flyers know that AV and Jake didn’t split plenty of martinis together. Stories have come out that the first year AV was here (the year of the bubble) AV and Jake had a big blow up and AV almost pulled him from the lineup, but ultimately didn’t. You probably remember the, “Put your big boy pants on,” quote AV delivered before Game 5 against the Islanders:

This quote was referring to Voracek just as much as it was to G.

AV and Jake seemed at odds from the start and were two personalities that seemed to clash. AV had a lot of rules and Jake was a “locker room lawyer”. The players all loved him, but he was the type that liked to control things like the music or the agenda in the locker room. He also was very vocal about how he felt about AV and had no issue telling the young guys that. That’s what ultimately did him in here and why Chuck and him agreed it’d be best for a fresh start. The fact that he was so well liked made it impossible for the organization to keep him. AV would’ve lost the young guys before he even had a chance to develop them.

Well now both parties are gone, the Flyers are in the cellar, G’s in Florida, and now all they’re left with is to “look at what mistakes they made.”