Jalen Reagor update:

Same thing on Twitter, which now only features a photo of him lifting weights.

Wonder what the Birds could get for Reagor in a trade. A bag of balls? A sack of potatoes? A conditional 7th round draft pick?

If Reagor has played his last snap for the Birds, he will finish with 64 catches for 695 yards and three touchdowns. Add ~50 rushing yards and a punt return touchdown and that’s about it for a first round draft pick taken in 2020. The Eagles went out and drafted DeVonta Smith the following year and then traded for A.J. Brown to fix the receiver problem.

Also, when fellating the Eagles for “killing” this draft, remember that they had to go out and trade for Brown because they whiffed on Reagor and JJAW. How much credit do you get for fixing your own mistakes? Everything requires context.