Jeff Skversky Mystery Employment Status Update: A Source Checks In

Jeff's 6ABC head shot

As you know, we’ve been reporting on the mysterious Jeff Skversky Action News departure for several weeks.

Long story short, Jeff has not appeared on WPVI for several months now. His bio was removed from the 6 ABC website, but the quirky thing is that he still lists Action News on his Linkedin/Twitter/Facebook and never formally announced that he was leaving. Several weeks ago, we tried to get Action News to confirm Jeff’s departure, but were told that they do not comment on personnel matters. We also reached out to Jeff, who didn’t respond.

Some people hate this story and some people seem very intrigued, so for the 50% comprising the latter group, we’ll try to bring this thing to conclusion, sharing a message from an Action News source that was sent over on Monday night:

“You guys were pretty close, but what happened is Disney downsized across the O&O’s, and we (Action News) went from three sports reporters to two. So it’s just Jamie and Ducis now. Apparently they were thinking about bringing back some of the laid off people in different roles, so that’s probably why Jeff never made an announcement and probably why he still has 6ABC written in all of his bios.”

For clarity here, O&O means “owned and operated,” so the source is talking about the local news stations that Disney runs, like WPVI, WABC (New York), and KABC (Los Angeles).

But this actually makes a ton of sense and I’m not sure why I didn’t consider it in the first place. If you’re Jeff, or anybody that was caught up in the downsizing, and you think there might be an opportunity to come back to Action News in another role, then yeah, I guess you would leave your biography untouched for the time being. Then, if management says “hey listen, we don’t have anything for you, good luck in the future” you go back to Twitter and make the official announcement and start looking for a new full time gig. In the meantime, Skversky has been taking on a variety of freelance jobs, like local basketball broadcasts and some Union stuff, but obviously you wouldn’t want to take a new full time job if going back to 6 ABC was still a possibility.

This is not official confirmation from either party, but it’s good enough for now. We will put the Skversky mystery employment story on the side burner until we see him back on Action News air waves or we see a social media announcement. Speaking of which, if you have a moment, you should click on this Instagram post and read the message. It’s not TV related, but instead a really nice personal thing that’s worth your time: