JJ Redick Puts Mad Dog in a Head Lock and Gives Him a Noogie

from First Take

JJ Redick has been really good on television. Mad Dog Russo has been really good with Stephen A Smith on First Take.

Put the three together, and you’ve got an absolutely outrageous basketball argument where we’re comparing and contrasting Chris Paul and Bob Cousy, who last played 52 years ago:

“Bob Cousy couldn’t dribble with his left hand.”

“Bob Cousy won championships when there were eight teams in the NBA.” 

“He was being guard by plumbers and firemen.”

Bam! Bam bam! JJ might as well be Emeril Lagasse while out here just hammering the Mad Dog with facts. Chris Paul is indeed one of the top five/top six point guards in the history of basketball, ring or not. Most NBA fans will be on the same page with that take.

Bob Cousy is a total legend and a six-time champ and he’s on the 75th anniversary team and all of that. Guy is one of the all-time greats and a basketball innovator, but the sport he played isn’t even close to the sport that Chris Paul is playing. Because of that, the entire argument should have been rendered invalid right off the bat, because it’s like comparing papayas to dragon fruit, but we’re giving JJ a 10-8 round here as he cruises to a unanimous victory over Mad Dog.