Tuesday night was a soggy one so the Phillie Phanatic wasn’t allowed to ride the Hot Dog Launcher on the field. Instead he joined John Kruk and T-Mac in the booth to toss out some dogs to fans, which almost ended in tragedy when Kruk almost gave himself a concussion:


I don’t know about you, but I’d pay MORE money to Comcast to listen to a concussed Kruk. It’s like the Monday Night Football feed. Do you want Steve Levy or do you want the Mannings? I want a concussed Kruk, maybe with a little blood coming out of the ear for visual effect, talking to me about Toyotathon and trash talking the Rockies:

Everyone knows in the early days of the season this is the kind of coverage you need. We can button it up during the playoff run, but game 16 doesn’t need to be all X’s and O’s, especially up nine runs. I want Kruk eating dogs and not even breaking concentration from his lineup card. Get the belly full so we have enough energy for October:


Dollar Dog Night is the best promotion in all of baseball. It’s a great night to do The Wade Doggs Challenge…responsibly: