According to the Sporticast: The Business of Sports podcast, Josh Harris is trying to add to his war chest of assets as one of the final bidders for the Denver Broncos AND Chelsea. Harris owns the Sixers, Devils, and Crystal Palace in the EPL, which he’d have to divest ownership in if he gets the winning Chelsea bid:

According to this clip, it seems that Josh Harris would only be able to buy either the Broncos or Chelsea not both. What a poor.

I’m fine with this. Let Josh Harris move up to the big leagues and let Michael Rubin become the majority Sixers owner. Between Rubin increasing his equity stake in the Sixers and how pissed he was that Harris and David Blitzer cut worker pay during the pandemic, I think Rubin’s long-term play is to own the whole thing. It can only be good for Sixers fans. I’ve always thought it hurt the Sixers that Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons were two international stars that couldn’t play for Team USA during the Olympics. Everyone knows the Olympics is where super teams are formed. So what’s the next best option? Have an owner who throws the coolest parties ever:

Would you rather party with Josh Harris or Michael Rubin? Easy. Let’s set up some meetings at Michael Rubin’s 4th of July bash, disguise them as party invites, and build a dynasty.