Lets Play a Game: Is this Guy a Flyer?

via @NHLFlyers on Twitter

It’s Friday, it’s 70 degrees, and the first beer will be cracked shortly. Lets have some fun.

I saw this Flyers tweet and it stopped me in my tracks:

There’s no chance this guy is an actual pro athlete. That picture with the suit and tie screams “corporate made me take a picture with my ‘Congratulations on 1 Year!‘ picture frame I now have to reluctantly display on my desk.” It definitely doesn’t help that his name is Linus. But unless Chris Therien reads the site there’s a good chance Linus Hogberg has more points in the NHL than anyone reading this.

But thanks to Linus I just came up with a game you can ply with the whole family! Lets play Is This Guy A Flyer!

First up on Is This Guy A Flyer!™ we have a man who made his NHL debut in 2017. He has nine career points but 69 (nice) career penalty minutes. He might look like a murderer, but the only thing he actually kills is time in the penalty box. So ladies and gentleman is this guy a Flyer? –

*drumroll please*





YES! That’s Zac MacEwen and he fucking chucks knucks:

Our next contestant is a 23 year old hailing from Minnesota. He shoots left, plays on the left side, and some argue he’s the last hope they have left in the organization. He’s a future face for a Cure Auto Insurance ad, but the only thing auto about him right now is the kid racking up points nightly. Is this guy a Flyer? –

YES! It’s left winger Noah Cates. He’s already making a difference:

Our next contestant is from Sweden. We don’t know if he carries a blankie everywhere he goes. But he does look to blanket the competition with his defense. Is this guy a Flyer? –

YES! That’s our good buddy Linus Hogberg from up top! He’s the reason for this entire game. Hey Linus 2015 called and Jesse Pinkman wants his look back.

Finally, the only thing this guy likes more than touching the butts of Canadian cops is his teammate touching the back of the net after a sweet pass. The only thing he’s the Captain of now is a boat. Is this guy a Flyer? –

No. That’s Claude Giroux idiots! When’s that “Thank You” he promised coming?

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