Mets Minor Leaguer Gets Clocked in the Face During Wild Brawl

via Twitter (@HNoll21)

Big baseball fight here. This one involves double-A affiliates of the Mets and Red Sox:

Damn. There’s a lot to cover here:

  1. the pitcher (#6) gets absolutely demolished with a right hand
  2. there’s a spear from the pitcher after he gets up
  3. a guy comes off the bench and starts kicking another dude in the rear end/thigh area while he’s on the ground
  4. pitcher then remains on the ground for medical attention

It’s hard to tell what happened to the pitcher in the scrum. After the spear, there’s a jumble of bodies and he’s sort of caught underneath, so unclear whether he’s hurting from getting punched in the face or from being squashed in the pile.

From James Kratch at our sister site, Elite Sports NY:

Binghamton right-hander Marcel Renteria took a right hook from Portland Sea Dogs first baseman Tyreque Reed after Reed was plunked, sparking a melee. Portland is the Double-A affiliate for the Red Sox.

The bases were loaded at the time, so Renteria likely did not hit Reed on purpose. In fact, he seemed to be arguing the pitch didn’t hit Reed. And then something was said that Reed didn’t like, so he veered off the base path while walking to first base, approached Renteria in front of the mound and threw the punch. The benches then cleared.

This Reed guy is listed at 6-1, 250 pounds. Big boy. Renteria is 5’11”, 185. So it’s not a fair fight, but the quirky thing here is Renteria speared another guy, and not Reed, so maybe he was just going after the closest Sea Dog he could find. Wild.