From the Philadelphia Reddit and u/jbertindrums, it looks like NFL Films is shooting video of Santas throwing snowballs at people in Eagles jerseys:

NFL Films was filming in Love Park this morning. Right before I took the video, the Santas on the fire truck threw “snowballs” at the people wearing Eagles jerseys.
by u/jbertindrums in philadelphia

A super-secret Crossing Broad mystery source confirms this footage will be used in a future episode of Peyton’s Places. Here are a couple of photos, including Peyton dressed up in a Santa outfit, which means he’ll be doing the throwing. They also mentioned that Ricky Watters and Matt Millen are on location:

via super-secret source

Now the next episode of Peyton’s Places I watch will be the first, but the premise of the show is to “revisit seminal moments in NFL history” –

Peyton’s Places, a football-themed documentary series hosted by legendary quarterback Peyton Manning. The 30-episode series revisits seminal moments in NFL history through conversations with former players, coaches and other key figures about football and its cultural impact.

Glad to know Eagles fans throwing snowballs at Santa Claus is just as important to the NFL as each of the Cowboys’ Super Bowl titles. Later this year, when everyone in Philly is angry at ESPN for running this bit, remember Crossing Broad prepped you months in advance for a rebuttal.

Is this low hanging fruit for ESPN? Absolutely. Do I feel betrayed by NFL Films, who sits right over the pond, for agreeing to do this? Absolutely. But I’d be lying if I didn’t want to see an All-Pro QB launch snowballs at a couple of guys faces. That’s just good, clean family fun. It’d be even better if they have him pick unsuspecting people wearing Eagles gear. That’s a story you tell your great grandkids as they escort you to the nursing home because they think you’re losing it.