We had one good day in Philadelphia before it all came crashing down.

If you haven’t had a chance for Shams Charania to ruin your Friday night yet, take a look at this:

FUCK. FUCK MY LIFE. Joel Embiid did indeed break his face after taking an errant elbow from Toronto’s Pascal Siakam in the waning minutes of the Game 6 76ers blowout. WHY Embiid was still on the floor with three minutes remaining when the 76ers were up 29 will be bitched about endlessly for decades to come. Doc, what in God’s name were you thinking?

It’s the second time in his career that Embiid has had his face broken, suffering the first at the hands of Markelle Fultz in 2018. He should look into getting a medical degree, because there was a clip going around last night (that of course I can’t find) where you can clearly see him mouthing the words, “he broke my face,” after the injury happened. He mentioned breaking his face again in the postgame interview with the press.

Son of a bitch, if he wasn’t right on the money.

It took Embiid three weeks to return from the 2018 injury, so you can kiss this series against the Heat goodbye unless a miracle happens.

Hey, fun fact, gang! This is the second time in the last three years (the first being Kevin Durant’s Achilles tear in 2019) that Raptors fans have had the pleasure of cheering a serious injury to an opponent on their court. Stay classy, Canucks!

This further proves my theory that Canada sucks, and it sucks hard.

Look, this is awful, but if you want to hang your hat on anything it’s that Embiid seemed fine going back and forth with that fugazi Drake after the Game 6 win. That doesn’t look like a man with a caved in face to me.

It’s ok. He can rock this mask for Game 1 and he’ll be just fine. MAKE IT HAPPEN SIXERS.