Rockies Coach Sets New Cbp Record for Most Cheesesteaks Eaten by a Visiting Coach/Player

via @TalkinBaseball_ on Twitter

Holy shit. Eating 25 cheesesteaks in a four-day span is absolutely insane.

Rockies physical performance coach Mike Jasperson should have a plaque on a wall of CBP forever:

Did anyone know this was actually a thing?

I feel like I remember hearing about the cheesesteak record back in the day, but it kind of died out.  In 2013, Mets bullpen catcher Eric Langill set the record for cheesesteaks eaten by a single person in a road series at CBP woth 17. Supposedly, Mat Latos broke that record by eating 18 while he was with the Marlins, but I can’t find that anywhere. The record than became Brewers bullpen catcher Eric Hanel’s when he downed 23 during a four-game series in 2015:

Who the hell is beating 25? Strength coaches are a different breed. The dude is rocking visible abs and he just consumed 25,000 calories in four days:

What’s even crazier is the fact the Phillies have put up more runs in this series than cheesesteaks this dude ate. Funny how Hittin’ Szn was activated as soon as Charlie Manuel hit send on this tweet: