Should the Eagles Trade For Deebo Samuel? Lets See What the Experts Think

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A slow news Wednesday immediately becomes one to remember as Deebo Samuel requests a trade from the 49ers, according to ESPN’s Jeff Darlington:

Should the Eagles trade for him? If you listen closely you can hear the phone lines opening.

I can see the tweet now from Adam Schefter:

“Eagles made the ‘hardest push’ I’m told for Samuel. But in the end John Lynch felt the Rams offer was stronger and they wanted to do right by Deebo.”

If the Rams get Deebo with their non-existent picks and non-existent cap space I’m going to turn into The Joker.

On a serious note, should the Eagles actually pursue Deebo? Lets look at what people much smarter than me think:

Eliot Shorr-Parks:

A good point from Brandon Lee Gowton at Bleeding Green Nation, working off a Clarence Hill tweet:

“49ers WR Deebo Samuel wants to be the highest paid non quarterback because of his impact and versatility. Who can argue after what he did in 2021?”

That distinction currently belongs to Tyreek Hill, making $30 million per year, a huge number. Is it too much to give to any wide receiver?

Consider that DeVonta Smith averaged 6.1 targets per game for the Eagles last year (104 in 17 games, although he only played in one quarter of Game No. 17) in the run-heaviest scheme in the league. The 49ers also run the ball a lot and, like the Eagles, had a flawed quarterback in Jimmy Garappolo, and Samuel saw 121 targets, an average of 7.1 per game, 21st among NFL wide receivers. Smith was 33rd.

But Samuel was incredibly productive in those targets, with 77 catches and 1405 yards with 6 TDs and, unlike Smith and virtually every other wideout in football, Samuel was a weapon out of the backfield for Kyle Shanahan, with 59 rushing attempts (3.5 per game) and an incredible 21 TDs. One would imagine Nick Sirianni could find a way to get Samuel 3-4 rushing attempts per game to maximize that ability.

Still, is 7 targets and 3.5 rushing attempts per game enough to warrant $30 million a season? And perhaps that’s even less than he’d get with the Eagles, too.

$30 million for a wide receiver? In this economy?

Lets go to the polls:



Field Yates always good for a joke your dad will crack up at:

This guy has a podcast:

The Eagles do run a lot. Spot the lie.

This guy has NFL in his handle so he must be legit:

Why is this guy not in Howie’s war room? This guy thinks so far outside the box I actually respect it. What if we give John Lynch such a shitty deal that he actually takes it? No one has tried that approach yet. Can’t say yes if you don’t try. There’s no doubt Luke has, “Winner of 10 straight Franchise Mode Super Bowls on Xbox (All-Pro)” at the top of his resume.

The only thing I know is if you want to get answers you go to the source. While every Eagles reporter is speculating here at Crossing Broad we get answers. Move over Anthony SanFilippo there’s another Big J on this on site. I’ll update when Deebo’s brother gets back to me: