Someone Paid $50 Real American Dollars To Take Out a Full Page Ad Roasting Ben Simmons

via @BigManFanelli on Twitter

Like the GED program, the St. Francis Players have been an important part of the Delco community for decades. Tuesday night they put on a production of Willy Wonka and someone spent $50 to give it to Ben Simmons in a full page ad. The money does go back to the theater, so if you ask me not only are Sixers fans kind and fair, but they’re also charitable. God’s gift to earth really:

I can promise you there will be a commenter asking why we’re still giving Ben so much publicity. Let’s be honest, this post on Crossing Broad isn’t going to get him a new Toyota commercial. People bitch to us all the time, “Why do Sixers fans still care about Ben Simmons?” I’ll tell you why. One, the readers gobble up the pageviews. Two, the guy was expected to save an organization that lost 253 games in four years before he even stepped on the court. All that waiting and wondering if this plan will ever come to fruition captivated them. People sacrificed money and time on this team during The Process and just wanted to be paid back in the form of a championship. When it became clear last season that Simmons didn’t care as much about basketball as Sixers fans, it became open season.

This city has a rich basketball history from AI and Dr. J down to the Big 5, Philadelphia Catholic League, and public league. Maybe if The Process was just wins and losses mixed in with heartbreak here or there it wouldn’t hurt as much. But, everything over the last nine years from BurnerGate, to Simmons, Markelle Fultz, Zhaire Smith, Jimmy Butler, Color Star, etc. is more off the floor bullshit a team that’s consistently won 50-plus games should have to endure. The only thing that makes me happy right now is being right about Simmons. So, I’m just going to pour more dirt on that grave every chance I get. Is that ok, internet commenter?

Shoutout to this guy. Someone buy him a beer at Tavola’s.